Reserved for the next generation of legal practitioner

  • free self-managed academic access
  • personalized training for students and faculty
  • Custom curriculum support
  • a future-proofed software solution for all clerical components of running a legal business

"This collaboration with uLaw will offer our paralegal students with an innovative, new, digital-learning platform."

-Tamra Alexander, Paralegal Program Coordinator, Algonquin College, Ottawa




The trusted choice

Auditors love uLaw. That's because, for the past 10 years, law firms using uLawPractice are de-facto compliant with Law Society regulations.

uLaw's compliance coding team built the entire system based on financial management and practice management checklists issued by the Law Society.

uLaw is currently being taught in 7 paralegal colleges in Ontario.



Future-proofed learning

Business skills are highly valued for new graduates entering the legal profession today. Become a uLaw EDU partner so your students can become acquainted with a fully loaded legal accounting AND practice management software solution.

Your students will graduate with practical experience handling real world clerical responsibilities as Canadian legal practitioners. Automated and inside a secure cloud network; students can manage billing, trust & general accounting, invoicing, time dockets, and more.


Educators receive:

  • Access to human resources: our instructors are ready to visit your class to teach uLaw guest lectures (in person or digitally)

  • A full uLaw Certification Program to repurpose for your curriculum. uLaw's team is here to help you build a curriculum that's compliant with regulators.

  • Specialized uLaw training and 24/7 consultation


Support for students

  • Free user access in groups to produce books and records in mock law firm exercises.
  • Experience using cutting edge cloud-based legal accounting and practice management

  • Upon completion of learning modules, your students will be issued with a jointly-administered "uLaw Certified" documentation for extra qualifications upon graduation.

Actually Canadian

Baked into the DNA of uLaw's workflow is subliminal adherence to bookkeeping guidelines issued by Law Societies in all the provinces and territories.
Unlike other companies, uLaw is designed by actual Canadians, suiting the unique needs of Canadian legal practitioners.

Cloud Secure

Rest easy knowing uLawPractice uses 256AES encryption, the same standard used by government agencies to safeguard top secret information. uLaw does not store personal information about your students or faculty.


Law Society Accredited

The courses uLaw EDU uses to educate students across the country were created by consulting with regulators


Ian Bell

Program Coordinator @ Algonquin Careers Academy


“Having a long history as a client of uLaw, I am very aware of their commitment to providing an outstanding product with excellent support.

The efficiency and organization that uLaw has brought to my personal practice made it the obvious choice when deciding on a practice management solution for our students"

George Thelwell

Instructor, Cestar College Paralegal Program


"Since I've been teaching, I've been promoting uLaw. Firstly, it's a great organizing tool. It balances practice management and carries on into our ethics procedures seamlessly.

uLaw forces everyone who uses it to be in compliance with our regulations and our bylaws. It handles trust accounts, trust deposits; and it handles it instantly and effectively."

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