SOLO Power - "How do you ensure that Bx, Cx, UX & Px is HIGH for your Law office?"

To be profitable, law offices should always be concerned with the overall value being delivered to the client.  Subconsciously the client measures you on four value adds: Px, Bx, Cx and Ux.  Here is what these metrics are about:

BX: Brand experience. Initially at least, your firm is represented by your brand. Does your brand adequately reflect who you are, your values, your competencies. You want your brand to provide the client a feel for this.  You want your brand to imprint confidence in the service excellence that you and your team will deliver.

CX: Customer experience.  This starts right from the time of engagement and continues through until the delivery of final closing letter.  It is what is perceived by the customer with every phone call,  every retainer letter, every document and every consultation. 

UX: User experience. This is what is experienced while the client is engaged in using your service.  Does the client feel that needs are being met?  Does he get a sense that you and your team are working around the clock to deliver the service? 

PX: Product experience. This is experienced by the client in the manner you communicate with him and the actual outcomes achieved with your service delivery.


Let us delve into the value add described by each of these metrics:

Bx: Brand Experience

Brand cognitively plays a huge role in motivating the client to retain you in the first place, come back to you for multiple engagements and refer you to potential new clients.  Brand experience can be made evident to your customer from several different angles.  Both your social branding and your business branding  should periodically be revisited and optimized.

All customer-facing documents, retainer letters, invoices, receipts for example,  need to be branded. The brand presents a consistent experience of logo and brand message.  The message needs to contain the relevant information that your client will use when he thinks of you and refers you to others.  For example, Starbucks personalizes your coffee right next to their brand by the use of your first name.

Practice management tools and document management tools are key in branding. They provide the tools and automation processes to help you brand consistently and effectively.  Look for creative ways via both social media and print to get your website and your brand imprinted in the minds of your customers.

Cx: Customer Experience

Customer engagements are key touch points where your customer receives insight into your business.  Every phone call, every meeting, every  communication needs to give your customer the clarity and confidence that you have him legally protected and is getting strong legal advice. Improving the customer experience takes effort and discipline:  clear information in the retainer letter; detailed documentation of your telephone conversations; clear and self explanatory Invoices alongside your bill of cost, statement of activities and statement of accounts. 

Using the business process automation built in to your practice management system to capture information and produce documents  improves the customer experience.  Legal accounting software issues statements of account thereby removing billing misunderstandings.

Ux: User Experience

User experience in several ways can be a game changer.  Office productivity is high when you have a high user experience.  This same user experience can be translated to your end user as well.  Efficiency in handling documents by using proper document management tools can also provide a very smooth collaboration experience for your customers.  Properly integrated payment methods can save time and grief for your customers.  Sending appropriate greeting cards such as Christmas or birthday wishes, treating their in-person meetings with utmost attention and punctuality also add to the overall experience.

User experience leaves the most long lasting footprint of your business in the mind of your customer.

Px: Product Experience

Finally, it is all about the product experience.  To be satisfied a customer needs to feel that at the end of the day his needs were met and he was served with the utmost care and interest.   A proper product experience leads to repeated customer service and referral.




Law firms need to realize that they are cognitively measured on Bx, Cx, Ux & Px. These metrics need to be expressed and reinforced to the team on a regular basis.  Proper practice management tools with built-in legal accounting software, go a long way to automate law office processes and thus helping improving each of these four experiences types.