HOW TO get PAID Faster!

Law offices, small or large, constantly face challenges collecting payments or retainers from their clients.  Both retainer or client payment for an invoice needs to be collected in a timely fashion.  It is very time consuming for sole-practitioners and small size firms to deal with payment problems.  Bouncing cheques, missed opportunities to collect retainers into the trust account or collect Invoice payments into the general account are both a time and a money issue.
Cheques can be a nightmare for the legal office.  Cheques can be lost or forgotten to be deposited.  Many times they can bounce for lack of funds in the client's account.  With leading payment gateway vendors such as Moneris, Pivotal Payments and others, there is a better alternative.
These payment methods assure that funds are collected immediately, in full and without error.  Also, transactions can be recorded in your legal accounting software quickly, which makes compliance with your Legal Society accounting rules a piece of cake.
To get a better feel for this, watch a recently recorded uLaw  webinar.  Here you will see how uLaw has simplified payment collection for both Trust accounts and General Bank accounts.  uLaw's smart billing and invoicing makes it possible for your clients to pay you directly from your online invoice through a simple clicking process.   You receive an immediate confirmation when the client has completed the payment, providing you a peace-of-mind transaction.  Using this payment method you also avoid incurring credit card transaction fees which can add up over time.
Take the time to see what an integrated payment solution can do for your business and what it can mean for your growing businesses success. The webinar provides answers to questions such as :
  • What value add does Payment Integration bring to your business?
  • How can it streamline the most important aspect of your business?  
  • Who are the key players in the payment industry? (Pivotal Payments, Moneris ....) 
  • What are compliant methods to collecting Funds Electronically in Trust?
  • How to set up payment collection in trust account
  • How to set up uLaw Payment Integration
  • How to be Simple and Efficient and yet fully Compliant

+++We regularly offer such webinars and several of them are even CPD accredited, Please click here to visit our webinar page and register.