7 professional obligations of a legal practoner are:
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  • File Checklist
  • Separate files for each matter
  • Chronological and secure organization for easy search
  • Recording of all client interactions


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  • Managing differnet kinds of billable dockets, Flat-rate, billed by time, contingency biling, pro-bono
  • Generating easily understood Invoices, statement of activities and accounts and getting paid on time.
  • Systematic tracking of trust and general receipts and disbursements
  • Maintaining orginals of bank statements, receipts, cancelled cheques and deposit slips
  • Following Law society compliance for Trust and General account management using proper legal accounting software and procedures
  • Preparation of financial statements like Income and expense statements and annual budget
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A good practice management software combined with Legal accounting software bundled as a single essential tool can help you manage your bussiness with ease. The tools saves you time and effort on a daily basis, while giving you compliance and peace-of-mind during Law society audits. Also it can provide you good business health metric and financial reports to make better decisions about tomorrow

Finally it is all about billable hours and complaince to Law society rules, and thus building an sustainable practice.

This webinar looks at each of these areas and the obligations in detail.


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