Law offices across Canada choose uLaw as their digital legal assistant. Have a look at what Canadian legal firms say about using uLaw in their practice.




Sourena Sarbazevatan

Gambriani Law

Efficient Software

"It helps with the day to day practice. I also really appreciate the quick email support, which is great!"


Rachel & Darrin Clayton

Ottawa Family Law

Ease of use. Internet based data accessible anywhere

"They have been very reactive and very helpful when we needed assistance."



Anar Dewshi

Toronto Lawyer



uLaw is easy to use, affordable and has excellent customer service.

"Makes it very easy to create client files and comply with trust/general account compliance. The ulaw software makes it very easy to comply with the Rules of Professional Conduct (Law Society of Ontario) especially with Knowing your Client requirements. uLaw allows you to generate an initial conflict check form and client identification/verification form. I recently went through the LSO Practice Management Audit, and the LSO was very impressed with uLaw's Initial Conflict Check form because the form includes the steps the lawyer undertook to perform the conflict check."

Adrienne Ng

Corporate & Trademark Lawyer, Toronto

Using uLaw for the past 2 years

"Takes away the headache and pain of LSO compliance; deals with both practice management and accounting all in one platform for a fantastic price."


Timothy Ellis

Law Practice/Self-Employed

"Customer Support"

"I have used several law software programs in the last 10 years and I believe this one is the best and most comprehensive on the market."
"When you have an issue and can't figure it out, they have created YouTube Videos or you can email and they will contact you quickly to solve your issue."



Leonard Howell

Leonard Howell Legal Services


“Unbelievably good software package!”

"This software is powerful enough to keep you on track at a reasonable cost. Overall, I'd have to say it's the best software package I have ever invested in.
Pros: It makes my life so much easier. Fully compliant with Law Society of Ontario Rules. Great features, amazing matter management. Full accounting. I like everything about this product. And here's the absolute best thing about the product....THE CUSTOMER SERVICE IS BEYOND AMAZING! You want a quick response...you want your problem solved or question answered - send an email and watch how fast you get a response! I've emailed at night, weekends, you name it and I always get a quick reply."

Lori Boudreau

Gemini Legal Services

“I love working with uLaw, it makes the financial portion of my practice and tracking matters easy!”

Customer Service and the adaptability of the software to work in a variety of circumstances, a variety of reports, ease of use, and user help readily available.

“I couldn't imagine running my practice without uLaw.”

 "I've been using uLaw for several years. This software takes the many of the most tedious aspects of my practice and makes them so easy! uLaw keeps me organised and allows me more time to focus on the actual content of a client matter. uLaw helps me handle the administrative portions quickly and efficiently, and it's always at my fingertips. I couldn't imagine not using uLaw anymore. The price is very reasonable and the service has been completely dependable - and that is extremely important for an online product. I've been thrilled with uLaw. The people who run it genuinely care about the quality - and it shows. It's a well-designed product that just keeps getting better."

Ian Bell Instructor, Algonquin Academy

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Ian Wilkinson

Ontario Paralegal

“uLaw - A cost-effective Canadian practice management software that gets the job done.”