Premium Bookkeeping Services inquiries

Focus on your clients and let uLaw handle your bookkeeping

Managing your books, records and compliance obligations to the Law Society is a lot of work. It's also easy to avoid until the last second, only to cause headaches once auditors get involved.

To help you stay ahead of your financial responsibilities, the team at uLaw is offering you outsourced Premium Bookkeeping Services.

With the use of a trained bookkeeper well versed in legal accounting for Canadian practitioners, our team handles the following to you for an unrivalled price (as low as CAD $100 per month)

On a monthly basis, we’ll:

  • Reconcile your trust and general accounts
  • Prepare reconciliation summary sheets to list problem areas
  • Check active non-legal aid clients for invoiceable amounts for last                  month
  • Monitor pending monies to be transferred from trust to general
  • Check for aging Accounts Receivable
  • Upload all compliance documents: 4 journals, 2 ledgers,Fee Book &              Expense Book on a monthly basis
  • Prepare an Inter-Matter Trust Transfer report

And each quarter, we do the following:

  • Produce an HST/GST/PST report for each quarter applicable for your         province
  • Revenue, Expense and Profit and Loss (P&L) report generation

Annually, our team also manages the following:

  • Annual HST/GST/PST report for year-end (based on jurisdiction)
  • Pro-Bono report production
  • Year-End processes managed with uLaw