uLaw Webinars

The uLaw team invests heavily into educating legal practitioners year-round.

Learn how to revolutionize your practice and gain valuable and free Continuous Professional Development Credits!

Starting the new year in 2022, the uLaw team will be here to deliver you a wide variety of new webinar topics and also traditional CPD lectures.

Below is the agenda for our Autumn webinar topics!

"Bank Connect, Invoice Deletion, Speech to Text & Email Insights with uLaw"

When: Friday Sept 23rd, 2022
Time: 2-3 p.m. Eastern
Where: ANYWhere & ANYDevice


    • In this webinar we will be discussing new features that we've added relatively recently. They are:

      • New Feature: Invoice deletion
      • Banking connect: here you will learn how you can link your bank to uLaw; an extremely worthwhile venture!

      • Text to speech: sometimes it's easier to just dictate your words to uLaw, and let artificial intelligence work its magic.

      • Email Insights: what can email insights tell you about your law firm? Learn more

"Additional Parties & Court Form Automation with uLaw"


When: Friday Sept 30 2022
Time: 2-3 p.m. Eastern
Where: ANYWhere & ANYDevice


  • Why should you be automating court forms? We'll show you how
  • What are additional parties and what's the purpose of them within the uLaw system
  • A demonstration of how additional parties works within the context of uLaw
  • How inputting data once can be repurposed with handy court forms (we generate 100s of different forms)


Law Office Expense Management (CPD)


When: Friday Oct 14th 2022
Time: 2-3 p.m. Eastern
Where: ANYWhere & ANYDevice


  • What is the difference between Disbursements and Business/Office Expense
    ● What are Disbursements and how to manage them
    ○ Why not do it all out of Trust Account. What are the key benefits.
    ○ Types of General Disbursements (Billable or Actuals, Unit Rate expenses, Mileage, Travel Time,
    Recovery of Expenses, Outsourced work or Consultancy)
    ○ What are the expectations of your Law Society when it comes to disbursements
    ● What are Business/Office Expenses and how to manage them
    ○ Types of Expenses (Office Expenses, Rent, Corporate Tax, Interest & Bank Charges, Salary and
    much more)

    ● What is the Expense Book?


Going Solo


When: Friday Oct 21st 2022
Time: 2-3 p.m. Eastern
Where: ANYWhere & ANYDevice


  • Who is an Entrepreneur?
  • Why be an Entrepreneur?
  • Risks of an Entrepreneur?
  • Setting up your Business
  • Needs of Sole practitioners for automation – Tools & Tips



Bx, Cx, Ux & Px (CPD)

2020-09-16 12_57_41-Bx, Cx, Ux & Px - Google Slides

When: Friday Oct 28th 2022
Time: 2-3 p.m. Eastern
Where: ANYWhere & ANYDevice


  • What is Bx, Ux, Cx & Px mean?
    ● Why and how to be Bx Cognitive?
    ○ The Business of branding
    ○ How to think, breathe and live branding
    ● Business Automation and tieing it to Ux & Cx
    ● Benefits of Practice management and Legal Accounting software and its
    contributions to Px